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Poker winning handsWelcome to How to play Texas Holdem poker. We realised that there was a gap in what was out there for the absolute poker beginner and we have filled it with an easy to understand, basic introduction to poker that anyone can use. Not only will you learn what happens when you sit down to your first game of poker, you can memorise the poker hands from our photographs of poker hand ranking, you can also discover which poker hands to play in which position on the table. Understanding position play is even more important than knowing the winning poker hands.

Beginners Texas holdem pokerWhen you learn how to play Texas Holdem poker a world will be opened up to you combining fun, cards, socialising and winning money. Because if you follow our simple poker strategy on how to play poker you will find yourself on the final table and winning cash, or winning on the cash tables in no time. If you havent played on a live table before have a look at our how to play poker page. And if you don’t know what a straight flush is and what it beats, go to the winning poker hands section, and if you don’t know if you should play your pocket 5’s under the gun, go to the starting hands section of Poker Strategy.