How do you play poker for beginners

How to play poker

Welcome to the best card game in town! Once you learn to play poker and have mastered the basic concepts of how to play poker you will be having the time of your life. There may be money involved, and

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Poker ranking

Winning poker hands

Winning poker hands in Texas holdem poker The one thing you need to know and recognise in poker is the winning hands. So before you sit down to play a game remember these and start working out whether you have

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Poker strategy

Poker strategy

Poker strategy for beginners;  How to get better at poker. There are a lot of strategies in poker, but you need to start by playing your natural game and then when you have some experience, adjusting your game to cut

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Everything you need to know to play and win at poker.

To find out what happens when you sit down to play your first game, the sequence of winning hands and basic poker strategy that will last you a lifetime of poker playing, this is the the place to start.

What do you need to learn to play Texas hold'em

Welcome to Texas holdem poker, one of the greatest games you can play. Once you have mastered the simple things about live poker such as how to behave at the table, the poker winning hands, how to shuffle and deal, what the various terms mean (poker has its share of alternate language, such as Fish and River and a set or trips which are almost the same thing, but not quite), you can start working on your Texas hold'em poker strategy. Having a strategy of your own, and recognising the strategy which other players use gives you a key to the door of success in the game of poker. When you can work out how other players are playing, why, when and how they bet, what their pattern is, you can dominate them. For instance, does a player always raise when they are the dealer or the big blind, every round? Or dose someone consistently raise preflop from the cut-off (the position behind the dealer)?. When you recognise these patterns it is all powerful information you can put to your advantage.

Then what do you do?

When you have an established poker strategy of your own, you need to change it into an advanced poker strategy, so that you don’t become predictable to other players. Now you ‘play the player’, that is, you use your knowledge of how your opponent plays and your own dose of psychology to take their chips. There are so many things to consider, your cards, the cards on the table, your position on the table vs your opponents position, relative chip-stack size, the stage of the game you are in, player behaviour and more.

But for now....

If you are just starting out, don’t worry too much about all of that. Concentrate on learning the winning poker hands, be able to recognise the possibilities of what someone could have combined with the cards on the table (how many times do you hear ‘Oh, I never saw the flush – or straight-‘). It takes time to get all that right. Pay attention to how you play, try and figure out where you are leaking chips and why,, get to know your own game and start to develop that poker strategy which suits you. You can still do well without all the bells and whistles of pot odds, implied odds and reverse odds. When you have mastered the basics you can move on and cover all those tricky little issues, which will all be covered eventually in the articles section of this site, so keep an eye on it, and good luck.

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